Natalie Danner, Ph.D.

Montessorian. Teacher Educator. Inclusion Advocate.

UWRF Planning Committee for Creating the First Ed.D. in Montessori Studies (2017-2021)

I served on a planning committee with Montessori colleagues from across the country to develop the first Montessori doctoral program in the world at the University of Wisconsin - River Falls.  We began meeting in 2017 and had two group retreats working together with UWRF administrators and faculty to develop coursework, admission criteria, and a schedule and sequence of courses.  We continued to meet virtually until 2020 to further develop and streamline the program to align with Montessori principles while providing access to working Montessori professionals in the field.  

This EdD program includes both research and leadership components and is intended for people involved in Montessori education who want to move forward in their career path and:
  • teach in university-based Montessori teacher education programs
  • work on state and federal policy issues connected to Montessori education
  • lead Montessori schools, both independent and public
  • conduct research on Montessori programs and curriculum methods
  • and pursue other leadership opportunities.

The final program approval from the University of Wisconsin system and national accreditors occurred in 2021 with input from the planning team.  In 2022, we met to discuss and plan teaching assignments, first cohort activities, and events to promote the program at national conferences.  The first cohort of Montessori EdD students was welcomed in the Summer of 2022 to UWRF.

My role at UWRF now has transitioned to a member of the Ed.D. Advisory Committee.

Learn more about the Montessori EdD program:

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