Natalie Danner, Ph.D.

Montessorian. Teacher Educator. Inclusion Advocate.

AMS Archives Committee (2007-2021)

Through my work with the AMS Archives Committee over 14 years, I helped the American Montessori Society document its history within the U.S. and internationally through the collections at the University of Connecticut.  I also helped to grow the collection by selecting important artifacts, making decisions about digitizing the collection, and organizing the archival data.

The American Montessori Society documents their history in a short article on their website here.

University of Connecticut Library
Archives and Special Collections

The American Montessori Society Records
The documents in the American Montessori Society (AMS) Records extend from the mid-1950s through the mid-1990s, though the bulk falls between 1960 and 1985. They encompass a variety of subjects and activities, including routine administrative and financial records, research, historical correspondence and writings, official publications, and publicity.

Special Exhibit: The American Approach to Montessori Teaching and Learning
This exhibit explores the origins of the Montessori movement in the United States and the Americanization of the Montessori method. It is comprised of materials from the American Montessori Society Records, which were donated to UConn’s Archives & Special Collections in 2006 and digitized beginning in 2016. The American Montessori Society Records document the history of an important American educational organization, and consist of printed, typescript, and handwritten materials; sound recordings; films; photographs; publications; and slides. The collection, although not complete, reflects AMS’s professional and administrative activities and also provides historical information about the Montessori system of education in general.


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